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Articles can be a formidable source of information regarding real estate topics. Feel free to browse the articles from our newsletter and magazine, as well as articles from other publications written by or about Bill Gladstone. The full newsletter and magazine files are available to download on the Publications Archive page.

Our Harrisburg Commercial Real Estate Newsletter
Articles featured in our Commercial Real Estate Newsletters:

Why Public Water is Important
Josephine Posti

Surviving a Tough Economy in Central Pennsylvania
An inside look into three local business professionals who have beaten the odds

How to Avoid Three Common Myths Standing in the Way of Retirement Security
by Thomas W. Rowan

Tips for Successful Retirement Planning
by Thomas W. Rowan

Cash vs installment sale
by Mark Heath

SMC Business Councils Government Relations
A Short Guide to the Affordable Care Act – Part I of II
by Eileen Anderson

SMC Business Councils Government Relations
A Short Guide to the Affordable Care Act – Part II

by Eileen Anderson

Spotlight on Wealth Transfer and Retirement Planning
by Thomas W. Rowan

Equity Injection - Tax Credit Programs Boost Funding For Qualified Properties
by John W. Waldeck Jr.

Location, Location, Location - Green, Green, Green
by William E. Wiebe

Why Owners "Grow" Office Buildings and How Tenants Pay
by Paul Stevens, CPA

It is a Great Time to Build, if Your Glass is Half Full?
by Mike Weidner

PPL Projects a Huge Rate Increase
by Crystal Cameron

Electric Choice: It is here, and it is good for PPL Electric Utilities customers
by Jim Nulton

Geothermal Retrofitting at Commercial Facilities
by George Peters

Loan to Own
Seller financing attracts potential buyers in a constrained market.
by Jeffrey A. Usow, JD, and Jade Earl Newburn, JD

Access to Capital from Financial Institutions
by Andrew D. Johnson, CPA


Our Harrisburg Commmercial Real Estate Magazine
Articles featured in our Commercial Real Estate Magazine:

Cause for Optimism
In addition to resolving its financial crisis, Harrisburg is benefitting from a growing preference for urban living and working.

by David Butcher

Branding with Bobbleheads
REALTOR leaves lasting impression with unique marketing tool

by Bill Gladstone Group of NAI CIR

Economic Survival
Keeping your head above water during a slow recovery
by David Black

Show Me the Kudos – Why Recognition is Important to Your Employees
by Karen Young

Moving Your Business to the Cloud
by Michael Griffin

How do we get Prepared?
by William M. Gladstone, CCIM, SIOR

Tax Assessment Appeal Season
Understanding the Property Assessment Appeal Process
by John M. Coles, Esquire

Overcoming Construction Inflation
by Donald. B. Smith Jr.

Managing Borrowing Costs Across Time
by John Finley, CPA, CMA

Potable Water: Every Drop Counts
by David L. Sheridan

People Are People
by William M. Gladstone, CCIM, SIOR

The Basics of a Sheriff’s Sales
Enforcing Judgments Against Real Estate & Selling Property at Sheriff’s Sale
by Merritt C. Reitzel

Green Light Special
by Jeff Harper

A CMBS Jump Start…or another economic dead battery?
by Sheila J. Scherrer

Know your Limits
Insurance Limits on commercial property Leases
by Warren W. Stumpf

The Cycle of the Economy is Only Temporary
by William M. Gladstone, CCIM, SIOR


Other Harrisburg Commercial Real Estate Publications
Articles featured in other publications:



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