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The Bill Gladstone Bobbleheads have arrived! The Bill Gladstone Group's eagerly awaited bobblehead marketing campaign is now underway, and the group can use your help.

If you are the proud owner of a Bill Gladstone Bobblehead, take him with you to new places! Take a photo of the bobblehead at a property, in your office or on vacation. Send the photo to Chuck Bender with a brief description and your contact information. Chuck will post the photo in the Bobblehead Photo Gallery below. You and your bobblehead could be famous!

If you do not have a Bill Gladstone Bobblehead, contact Bill Gladstone to check availability.

Click here to read a letter from the Mayor of Harrisburg concerning the Bobblehead.
(Adobe Reader required to view the letter)

Click the images below for a larger view and additional images.

Submit your photo today!   Disneyland  
Submit your photo!      
Douglas McCullough   Disneyland  
Douglas McCullough   Disneyland  
Bobblehead at Seven Springs playing miniature golf.   Florida  
Somerset, PA   Florida  
Sydney - Australia   New York, NY  

Sydney - Australia

  New York, NY  
Sydney - Australia   Sydney - Australia  

Sydney - Australia

  Sydney - Australia  
Cumberland County, PA   Sydney - Australia  

Chesapeake Bay, MD

  Sydney - Australia
Crazy Horse Memorial   Cumberland County, PA  

Crazy Horse Memorial, SD

  Cumberland County, PA
Portland Maine's Casco Bay   Old Faithful  
Portland Maine's Casco Bay   Old Faithful, Wyoming
The Boyer House   L.L. Bean Headquarters  
The Boyer House   Freeport, Maine
Breakfast on Bill!   Paula Kostick  
Wormleysburg, PA   Harrisburg, PA
I'm the King of the World!   Breakfast on Bill!  
Jacksonville, FL   Wormleysburg, PA
Bobblehead spotted by paparazzi while being fitted for scuba diving suit   Paul Whipple  
Sioux Falls, SD   Central Pennsylvania College
Temple University Women's Soccer Team   SIOR 2005 Fall Professional Conference  
St. Bonaventure , NY   Chicago, IL
Jack St. Jacques is moving on.   Bobblehead welcoming the Fall 2005.  
Harrisburg, PA   Potter County, PA
Bobblehead in Alaska!   Dubai, United Arab Emirates  
Anchorage, AK   Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Dubai, United Arab Emirates   Dubai, United Arab Emirates  
Dubai, United Arab Emirates   Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Dubai, United Arab Emirates    
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